# The Tokyo Gaijin RFC played two quarters against the ‘Bets of the Rest’ from the Shuto League. Six players from the squad were chosen to go to the next selection game: Tyler Rumsey, Will Thompson, Garret Washington, Apisai Bati, Tucker McEwen and Riki Pitter. Congratulations to these players.

# While the TGRFC were outplayed in the game and the forwards received a shellacking from captain Al Nimmo there were 5 regular forwards missing. Rob ‘10 minute’Poulton was the only front rower available so Gaz Dalrymple and Erin Hughes bravely stepped up to fill the void. Good job fellas!

# Dave Kelver , who was restricted to sideline duties during the game due to a back complaint, was very critical of the forwards efforts and can`t wait to get back on the field next week to show how it`s done.

He could be seen at the Clubhouse Sports Bar at 11:00pm still telling Joffa how things should be. I think he was also hinting to Joffa that retirement is not such a bad idea!!

# Andy Ballad looked a sick and sorry sight after the game with a swollen nose and some dried claret down his sniffer. There goes that modeling career. To make things worse he had dropped the ball over the tryline as he was putting it down to the embarrassment of his team-mates. He had done so well to get there too.

# As it was a lovely day a few of the team decided to stick around and have beers in the park. They were treated to some wonderful renditions of National Anthems. First up was Paulo de Berriozabal singing the Basque Anthem, which was completed with something resembling a yodel (or was he in pain?). Next up were Lawrence and Joffa singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’. Then we had Riki singing the French Anthem, Rob singing ‘God save the Queen’ helped by the slaves from the colonies, and then it was Dave and Erin`s turn to sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. They did it with hand on heart and without flak jackets, and to surprisingly very little booing. Next up were So and Yoichi with Kimigayo. The boys had to hum a lot of it as they didn`t seem to know the words. After waking up we were treated to a splendid rendition of the Fijian National Anthem and then Bati topped it off with a stirring display of the Fijian ‘Haka’.

# It is believed that Gaz is still walking around Roppongi seaching for his lost drinking partners - Chris, Rumsey and Will.

# It has been reported that Joe Fisher was crying in his beer on Saturday night, and feeling almost as bad as that day in October when NZ were knocked out of the World Cup, after the YCAC were beaten 33v32 by the Crusaders with the help of 3 late tries.