Around the Traps – Volume 3 TGRFC


Jo & Shino Iwasaki became the proud new parents of a baby girl – Suzu Iwasaki, on the 27th of June. Mother and child are doing well. I am not sure about dad. It is hoped that Suzu becomes a valuable member of the Tokyo Gaijin like her parents have been over the past 10 years.

Rob Poulton & girlfriend Jennifer had a baby boy – Carlos Joseph Lee Poulton on July 25th. Rob flew down to the Philippines a couple of days later to make sure it was his baby. There were no doubts when the baby weighed in around 9 pounds (around 4 kilos). Looks like there is another prop in the family. Rob is back in Japan now working hard to save his first million while Jenny is solo parenting. Looks like a big change in lifestyle is on the way for young Rob.


Blake Walker, unsighted on the Rugby field for almost 3 years now, is rumored to be on the comeback trail. Blake who damaged ligaments in one of his knees finally had an operation at Christmas time. READ MORE... 


My spies tell me that he has been seen pounding the pavement. What’s even more incredulous, the gossip is that he has even given up the usual tub of ice cream after every meal.

Mauro Sauco, wife Mizue and daughter Maya are still stuck in China. Mauro has been working there fulltime since May. Apparently he had been fine-tuning his rugby skills with the Beijing Devils Rugby Club. The team was anxiously awaiting the new and improved Mauro but unfortunately he has done ligaments in his knee and will require an operation that may keep him off the field for some time.

It is rumored that Steve Bull, unsighted for over 2 months, has been working Sundays to pay off a massive MasterCard bill. His 4 kids have been on a diet of Bean Sprouts and Tofu for weeks now. The said bill was the result of two operations on his brindle Labrador-cross bitch after it was hit by a car and left for dead. The dog escaped the hurly-burly of Steve’s house and went roaming. The dog has since recovered but Steve’s wallet hasn’t! Apparently Steve still ghosts the streets after work in the evenings, screwdriver in hand, looking for the driver.

Alaister Nimmo, currently gallivanting around Europe somewhere, will not be sighted on the rugby field until late October due to a smashed cheekbone picked up at the Sugadaira 10`s.

Frenchman, Kevin Rebay, has also been unsighted for a while now. Perhaps he is still begging Loius Vuitton to send him back to Japan. Rumor is that he will be back at the end of September. Intensity will make a fashionable comeback soon. 

Chris Lucas is back gracing the field again for the TGRFC after a year and a bit back in Oz. This time he’s got a degree and a real job!