Friendly against Kichijoji Wild Turkeys and Shinjuku Jacks

Last Sunday the team had a ‘Friendly’ mini-game against the above two teams. The game was organized by Jesse Takahashi to familiarize everyone with the new ELVs ( no Arthur, not the little people ). The idea was for the referee to stop the game and explain any misunderstandings. No.8, Paulo de Berriozabal, was the only one who noticed a big difference, finding a lot more space when he ran from the back of the scrum. The Gaijin won their mini-games leaving them feeling happy about the new laws.

The game was played in wet and muddy conditions courtesy of the buckets of rain that had fallen over Tokyo and surrounds over the previous week. Being left short of enough backs (Was it the summer lethargy or the pouring rain the night before??) two forwards filled in capably in the back line with loose forwards Joffa Harris at standoff and Dave Kelver at outside center. Joffa was heard to say later “ It was a picnic playing in the backs!” Joffa got a try and Apisai Bati got his usual brace of tries. The forwards, however, won the day for the TGRFC.

The forwards also won the drinking competition at the fantastic BBQ put on by the other teams after the game. Chris Fearon 1st, Rob Poulton 2nd, daylight 3rd, then the opposition pretenders in both rounds…and it was Shochu… not beer. Thanks most go to the Wild Turkeys and the Jacks for a wonderful BBQ – they had 4 big BBQ plates going, piles of meat, and 5 kegs of beer.

After the game, Dave Kelver, feeling worried about his teammates` fitness, put out a challenge to the team to e-mail in their fitness efforts through the week. I am happy to report that some guys actually do train through the week with Lonnie Childress, Chris Fearon, Captain Murray Clarke, Joffa Harris, Andy Ballard (though I`m dubious about the climbing tress bit!) and Matt Downer reporting in through the week. Oh, and of course Dave himself. Will Thompson also said he had hit the gym but nobody believes him. After all, he doesn’t even have time to wash his clothes.