On Saturday the 28th of February, 2009 the TGRFC met for their Annual General   Meeting at the Black Lion in Meguro, to discuss ways to meet the oncoming year of rugby  and administration.  In order to discuss and analyse the all important functions of the team for the year, we would need to go through a rigorous process of re-hydration, voting, vouching for someones ability to do a job you don't want, sipping beer, discussing plays, drinking, talking about grand schemes for the team, tasting some more liquids and finish it up by making some promises of a new approach to the game that would not be recalled in the morning.   This was seen to be the best way to get an effective turn out at the meeting and is in no way related to the usual Japanese standard of attending important meetings drunk.

Al Nimmo was to be the chair of the meeting and we all get underway a bit behind schedule but the ruthlessness of the halfback with the gavel would soon mean that things would be back on track.

The meeting began with some of the main requirements of the team being organised in easy fashion. After a successful year in charge of the lads, Murray Clarke accepted graciously the wishes of the team in taking on the reigns as Captain for another year.   He will again be ably supported by the lynch-pin of the back line Matthew Downer who was a shoe-in for the position of Vice Captain.  Both men are leaders on the paddock and with appropriate knowledge and temperament in the heat of battle are good choices for the upcoming Tokyo Cup 1st Division campaign

With the playing ranks organised we were to move on to the vital roles of team organisation and structure.  This is of huge importance to the success of the team and with entry in the top level of the Tokyo Cup for 2009 this will promise to be the most challenging role yet for all involved in Management.

For that reason the continuity that Jessie Takahashi has delivered the team in his role of Club Organiser has been all important.  He will again take on the chief role but this year he will be assisted in his role by Charles 'Chabal' Joffre and Mike  Tokue.  They will be designated to attend the majority of the meetings when possible in order to lighten the burdensome load on Jessie shoulders so that he can concentrate on a field comeback.

The Managerial roles of Joffa will continue, but longterm team member Blake Walker will also look to halve the workload that he has been under for all too long.

Website master Mauro will look after the technological requirements of the team updating his website.  Other masters such as Erin Hughes and Mike Tokue will continue to add emphasis to the website through their video recruitment and photography.

The largest change in the club comes in the role of Treasurer.  Steve Bull who shared the role with Dave Kelver this year will step down and this role will be solely Kelvers.  Steve Bulls efforts over the past few years were greatly appreciated, in what is a difficult role in a team where  costs are something that were not always the easiest to come by.  Kelver had a good start to his sole reign.  A lot of members fronted up with yearly fees on the evening and we were able make the most of a small discount on the evening thanks to some good accountancy by Dave.

Mauro and former Captain Al Nimmo will take control of the events Calendar which will kick off in big fashion at the end of March with the Manilla Tens.  Other events to look out for this year are the Ohanami, Team BBQ's, the revival of quiz night, Sugadaira and the Shuto League after the summer.

Sponsorship of the team is a huge aspect and thanks again to Pete Lucas and the staff at Oakwood for providing us with an unrivalled strip to start the year.  The Team Bar is again an issue that remains unresolved due to the nature of the team living all over the Kanto Plains.  Its vital to the team but as we make our own fun, this unresolved issue will certainly not be in the way of a good time.

This is a year that promises alot and with a growing squad of players from as many as 19 countries we are looking to start it with a hiss and a roar.  Support aplenty is always required and many other people will step up as the season takes shape and whilst they may not be mentioned here they will be mentioned as the year continues.

Here is to a prosperous year.