It was a wet messy mud bog. Waseda were trying to knock us out of the First Division and we were trying to prevent that from happening. All looked solid for us through the first half with the Gaijin controlling possession well. Despite the game plan of smashing our way up with the forwards, the ball was shifted all too often away from the big boys, where the Waseda backs were up and in our faces all day making life tough.

The Tokyo Gaijin had several chances in the first half to score but were guilty of moving the ball out at the wrong time (backs) or giving away foolish penalties (forwards) to turn over possession. On the side lines one could not help but think that those lost chances would come back to haunt as this was not a day for pretty tries.

The scores were nil all at the half and it was Waseda who came out hungrier in the second spell. They trapped the Gaijin on their line for much of the first 20 minutes and came back with a converted try for the efforts.

The Gaijin dominated the line outs early on through Toby Gallagher's jumping and the scrum was strong, winning a tight head and wheeling the Waseda boys on a few occasions. As the game wore on though the Waseda front jumper got Toby's measure and began to upset the Gaijin ball and also to win their own, meaning less possession and more pressure on the Gaijin.

The lads rallied to attack on a few final occasions and were unlucky on two chances but again could not come away with points. There was one fantastic break by Bati that was a certain try, only to be called back as the touch judge had his flag raised through the preceding phase. Rory Brown came close but opted to protect the ball rather than risk the score and his team mates could not get over from the following ruck. A Waseda forward helped make it difficult by lying on the ball. No call came from the referee but again, we should have kept our composure and done the job.

Such is life and such is the way of the Tokyo Cup. The Tokyo Gaijin will be playing their rugby in Second Division in 2010. Disappointed we were. A few were furious at the referee but in reality we had our chances but did not seize them the same as Waseda did. They played to their game plan and ran it at us through their centers and quick back three to justly win and gain promotion to the First Division.