With the Autumn inter hemisphere tests coming to an end there has been a real shake-up amongst the ranks.  This means that those looking to get in for some early odds with a good return, should think about talking to their local bookies now ahead of the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand.

In the southern hemisphere the once glittering prospect of the Springboks moving on to a second successive title, and third World Cup Victory have been left in ruins after a terrible trip north.  The Wallabies too are looking shabby, but with a good victory against a confident Welsh outfit, it may buck their current trend of going from bad to worse.  The All Blacks saved the best for last against the French, let's hope the same is true for them at the aforementioned World Cup.  Save the best for the Last game, not save the best for when they are last. 

England are reliably unreliable but with Johnson at the helm, surely things can only get better.  The Scottish will not bother anyone as they will still be on the lash celebrating after finally getting their leg over a southern hemisphere team for the first time in William Wallace knows how long.  The Welsh, ahh the Welsh.  Good luck to them, but I fear that their grandscheming will eventuate to grandstanding which is where they will be when the World Cup final is played in Auckland in 2011.

Now it is the Irish that are the team that has sparked the most interest.  They drew with the Wallabies and beat the Bokkies.  Along with being 6-nations champs and their Grand Slam, they could be well worth a cheeky fiver on the nose.  That is a long way away though, so for a quick return at short odds look to B. O'Driscoll to lead the boys to another 6-Nations triumph.

The French. Simple. Never count them out.

Argies will be paying big money to make it to a final, but your best bet there is to try and lock them into a pick the semi-finalists.  If you throw them in as the 4th team with the other three gimmies, then you are on your way to a couple of free pints.

To the supporters of the other teams, sorry you're off the radar for now.

POINT OF THE NEWSFLASH:  Lay your money on the table with friend and foe and see who is actually brave enough to go for guts and glory.

And for the ballsiest bet of all - Will Genia to score the match winning try for the Wallabies in the World Cup Final 2011.