Timeline: May 4th, 2014

After a horror Tokyo Cup campaign the Tokyo Gaijin RFC arranged a 'friendly' game a against a Shuto League select we'll call the Shuto Barbarians, in an effort to get back on the winning track. They did that convincingly with a lot of help from their big Fijian flanker Joe Nawaqavanua who scored 4 tries and at times toyed with the defense making it look all too easy. He even showed some surprising pace in one 50 metre try. Many thanks to Joy Kaloumaira for taking the following game notes.

9 min: Score by the Gaijin forwards (Takashi Tanikawa) after a drive from a line out. Conversion unsuccessful. Score 5-0

Shuto Barbarians first entered Gaijin's half 15/20min into the half.

23 min: Mosese Rarasea kicked for a line out. Good line out resulting in forwards driving up to just short of the 50m. Ball stolen and game played between 10m and 50m line in Gaijin half

25 min: player switch.... Barbarians scrum. Play brought game into the 10m area resulting in a try for Shuto Barbarians. Conversion was successful bringing the score to 7-5 to the Barbarians.

29 min: Murray Clarke off. Joe Nawaqavanua switched to #8

31 Liam chased after ball but was beaten by it to the line. Lineout to other team, strong game from Gaijin forwards saw the ball stolen and a try eventuating to a forwards player (Liam Ramshaw). Again conversion unsuccessful bringing score to 10-7 to the Gaijin at the end of the first half.

First half definitely a strong game from the forwards, possession 90% to Gaijin and 85% of the first half played in opposition's half.

3:00pm -- 2nd half started.

2 min: Run from Philip Ferreira brought game into other team' s half , game continued resulting in a try to Joe Nawaqavanua in the 2nd minute. Conversion successful bringing the score to 17-7

3 min: kickoff, strong run from Liam Ramshaw. kick'n'chase from Philip Ferreira but ball went out. Pressure from the forwards, ball stolen and a try near the posts by Joe Nawaqavanua. Conversion successful with score now at 24-7.

7 min: another try for the Gaijin after a strong run from Joe Nawaqavanua within the Gaijin half with and good kick from Mosese Rarasea brought the score to 29-7

9 min: switch in forwards. Gaijin line out, won, backs ran a few meters before ball was stolen by opposition. Penalty against Gaijin. Kick for Barbarians did not go out so Gaijin was able to regain possession,

10 min: Gaijin scrum, ball stolen and a strong run from the opposition's brought them just short of the tryline. Strong defense from the Gaijin however drove the other team back.

15 min: penalty against Shuto Barbarians, scrum to Gaijin within their own half. After 1 or 2 runs Gaijin were penalized and a scrum to the other team had the Gaijin on the defense again.

18 min: 2nd water break

20 min: game resumed, scrum to Gaijin, Joe Nawaqavanua made another beak, resulting in another try (because AGAIN he didn't pass). Conversion unsuccessful bringing the score to 34-7

3:23 kickoff from Shuto Barbarians fell short of the 10m line, Gaijin scrum....kick and chase from Philip but ball was lost. Strong pressure from the Gaijin had the Barbarians knocking the ball forward. Gaijin scrum but poor passing had the ball snatched up by the Barbarians and then regained a few minutes later. Mosese Rarasea made a break for the line bringing the score to 39-7

3:29 kick off, game in final few seconds

SCORE: TGRFC 39 (Joe Nawaqavanua 4, Takashi Tanikawa 1, Liam Ramshaw 1, Mosese Rarasea 1 tries; Rarasea 2/7 conversions) Shuto Barbarians 7 (1 try, 1/1 convcersions)


1. Tomo Setoguchi (Japan)

2. Liam Ramshaw (England)

3. Tsunaki 'Don' Tanaka (Japan)

4. Gorka Gerediaga (Basque)

5. Andy Tindall (England)

6. Joe Nawaqavanua (Fiji)

7. Takashi Tanikawa (Japan)

8. Murray Clarke (NZ)


10. Phillip Ferreira (South Africa)


12. Mosese Rarasea (Fiji)


14. Ryo Takahashi (Japan)

15. Jo Iwasaki (Japan) ????

Reserves: Yamagen (Japan)