Dateline 31st January, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin held their Annual General Meeting after training on Sunday 31st January to select the major positions within the team and discuss operations for  the year. Read on for a brief description of what transpired.


As always the financial situation of the club was covered first.
Things such as Tokyo Cup registration fee, Sports insurance, Inagi-city ground fee, referee fee, etc.
And of course, Xmas party award presents.
Last year, we got new a sponsor Andy's Shin-Hinimoto (Andy was the priginal TGRFC captain) and received the new jerseys late last year..
Also new team socks will be ready (50 in stock), be ready for use at TokyoCup.
This year, as in previous years, the team fee is set as 20,000 JPY/year
   * discount 1,000 JPY if you pay whithin the next 2 weeks.
   * must pay 5,000 JPY before TokyoCup – for registration
   * the members who will join the team after July will pay half (10,000 JPY) - TBD
2016 team staff elections:
Aftter nominations and seconds the following positions were decided:
 Captain - Apisai Bati (as previous)
 Vice captains - Tomohiro Setoguchi (forwards), Toshinori Minamidate Dati (backs) (taking over from eamonn Murphy)
 Treasurer – Joffa harris
 Asst. treasurer - Paul Bertier (will be "late comer collector - pay 100yen to him)
 Manager - Yoshihiro to (taking over from Gorka gerediaga)
 Asst. managers – Akira Yamagen (meeting meister), Wataru Sato (Tokyo Cup coordinator), Gorka Gerediaga
 Insurance tracker - Tsuanki 'Don' Tanaka (registration / claim handling)
Tokyo cup:
  Changed from 2 divisions to 4 divisions:
    Top 4: Komaba, Mandara, Mitaka All Comers, Hercules
    div1: 8 teams - TGRFC is in this division and will have a minimum of 3 games
    and div2, div3.
Shuto 10s
  This year we are not sure we can register 2 teams (Northern / Southern Hemisphere)
  Due to increased attendees (inviting outside teams is a recruiting for the Shuto league) and we do not pay double for  registration fee.
  Manila 10s (March) – we have been attending for 12 years, This is the  last call to join this year's event.. Please contact Tomo Setoguchi..
  Sugadaira (July) – 2 day trip, 7s on Saturday and 15's on Sunday, It's a great place to enjoy rugby.
  Day-trip Rugby Tour – possibly 3 times this year; Yamanashi, Shizuoka, and could be Ibaraki
  Also we got an invitation from Okinawa (May or July) - TBD. US Navy inviting 3 teams to make a tournament
Open Discussions:
  Please bring in new members (it will be good for team financial status as well)
  Some suggestions: 
    wear TGRFC item at match / training / rugby game watching 
  We will count who is top referrer (points will be double for front rowers!) and may be given an award at xmas party
Sports insurance: 
  Currently we register sports insurance at Tokyo Cup registration
  It means, no insurance cover for spot players / members joined after April
  As we have many spot players, we need to cover them with no-name registration insurance
  (20,000 ~ 30,000 JPY  from team fee.) and it will also cover permanent players (they get double cover.)
3 types of "Matches" we will have:
  We'll clarify "friendly", "practice", and "official" match for this year.
  Member selection strategy could be different on these 3 types
    Giving game time and build up experience for novice players in  friendly matches.
    Focus on specific areas/points to strengthen at practice matches (depending on opposition)
    And of course "must win" official matches (Tokyo Cup, Shuto League)
BBQ  place
  We can't have BBQs at Yanokuchi anymore.
  Alternative options for this year: 
    At Itabashi (1 month advance notice may work)
    At Akigase Hoen (Nishi-Urawa, have friendly match in AM, then go BBQ in PM, next to field)
Team merchandise 
  Nice to have some team cheap goods for MoM (man-of-the-match) giveaway
  Such as beer can holder, etc. and get pics and put on Facebook
  To ask our sponsor (Andy) to invest, we need to give reward to our sponsor
  So the idea is to have team drinking nights at Andy's Shin-Hinomoto a few times, target 10+ members per night
Rugby League
  They asked us to join rugby league – typically they run on Saturdays
  ... is there any chance to form a league team in TGRFC?
  We continue to have Friday running club – so please join to improve fitness.
Team contributions's point race:
  Gorka started this last year, and will keep running this year.
  Positive activities: volunteering to wash the jersey / kit, supporting the team while injured, attending events outside of game day, bringing extra players
  Negative activities: no replying about attendance, not showing up without notice, coming late, forgot to bring personaal kit
  So be careful :)