Recollections of the First Hong Kong Tour.


ImageThe first tour would no doubt be a memorable tour, if only anyone could remember it.

There are however flashbacks. After the game Shigeru Umino amazed the Hong Kong crowd when he destroyed the myth that Asians couldn't drink by making the down-in-one contest a no-contest. Many beers later, everyone retired upstairs to watch the Australian rugby league final and the wagers started.

The game was shit boring, but the money kept everyone interested. The final whistle went and people began celebrating and demanding their money. Unfortunately, our fearless leader Andy Lunt wasn't among the winners; however, showing the world what a good loser he is, he promptly head butted Sean Brophy. Sean, knowing what a strange person Andy is, wasn't sure how to react. Was it an invitation to fight? Was it a Lunt sign of affection. He still doesn't know.

Later on, Andy Lunt showed his true colours when he turned into mother hen and started to worry about his brood. By his reckoning, there were a few MIAs, so he went on a search. His search was soon successful and turned up Jamie Phillips (who unfortunately recovered) coughing up blood in the toilet. Andy, still not satisfied that he'd done enough to earn the Nobel Prize continued the search, and found a certain young man from Sunderland passed out in the broom cupboard. The lad, to his credit, was later seen in the bar with a pint in his hand. Subsequent rumours about where the broom was found turned out to be untrue. I think we lost the game after a valiant struggle.