The after effects of the night before's xmas party were quite evident,as a bunch of sorry looking,hungover TGRFC players rolled up on a cold Sunday morning,at the Akigase ground for our last game of the year, against Bakunokai. The pick of the bunch being manager Joffa Harris,sporting a new look(a split lip and a black eye)what he seems to have no recolection of how he picked up. There were some notable absentees,one being Capt Bunter,who apparently,was still in the shower,with a brillo pad remomoving the the night before's graffiti from his face.(photo's to follow shortly) The game started a good pace,considering the condition of most players,and soon into the the game,centre Arnaud Frenchman split the Bakunodai defense wide open with a great run and from the next ruck Chris Lucas was on hand to dive over for the Gaijins first try. There then followed a sustained period of pressure which saw us camped in the enemy 22,someone(I cant remember who)picked up the ball from the base of the scrum and fed a rampaging Takayuki Kitajima on the charge,to crash over for the Gaijins second. The next try went to centre Niall Conlon,who found a gaping hole in Bakunokai midfield,racing in from 20 yards with not a defender in sight. Big Mauro,put the fear of god into the opposition,with some powerfull,bulluking,if somewhat crab-like runs. Ian Lucas was also in fine form,constantly worrying the defense with his running game. Late in the firt half,the Gaijin looked set to score again,started by another great break from Niall Conlon,he offloaded to stand in captain Aliaster Nimmo,who in the fashion of a another englishman in the team,knocked on with the try line begging. At half time,Jesse Takahashi,who had an outstanding first half,was seen emptying the contents of his stomach into the nearby pond,apparently to make make himself lighter and easier to lift in the lineout.(what a team player) The start of the second half,saw Joffa enter the fray,and what followed was a memorable 15 minutes or so of rugby,he proceded to give away, what seemed like,about twenty concecutive penalties(the name Matt Dunning springs to mind)before limping from the pitch and collapsing by the side line. When asked by a worried Gaijin,as to which part of his body hurt,he replied"I think it's my f?&#?%g brain" Tomohiro got the 4th and probably the best of the tries,which started deep in the Gaijin half,some excellent passing and support play saw Tomo go over in the corner. Jesse,fresh from his half time heroics,added the 5th try,stoming over between posts. Late on,Bakunokai put us under a lot of pressure and were rewarded with a well deserved try. Tomo got his second,and the last of the tries near full time to put us over 40 points. Shadow had a great day with the boot,sloting nearly all of his kicks. Final score.47-5 A fantastic effort from the boys and a great way to finsh the year. The team: 1 Mr.Pearson(can) 2 Toru(japan) 3 Takayuki(japan) 4 Shaunne Hughes(aus) 5 Chris Lucas(aus) 6 So(japan) 7 Beef(arg) 8 Jesse Takahashi(usa/japan) 9 Aliaster Nimmo(eng/japan) 10 Ian Lucas(eng) 11 Gordan(sa) 12 Arnoud(fra) 13 Niall Conlon(ENGLAND) 14 Tomohiro(japan) 15 Takashi(japan) Reserves: 16 Joffa Harris(aus) 17 Arthur(eng) Injured cheerleaders: Murray(nz) Jo Iwasaki(japan) Steve Bull & tribe(eng) Also thanks to Shino for braving the elements Man of the match:Takayuki Goat of the game:too many to name