August 23, 2007

Running into 2008

Run into 2008

The intensity of summer is subsiding, the season is beginning, motivation to perform is high. These are the reasons that I am writing this series of articles aimed at assisting and persuading our players to increase fitness through running this autumn and winter.

I think the non-rugby reasons for running are well known. A couple of rugby reasons are:
If you are out of position at any point in the match, and cannot run to get back in position, your lack of fitness is harming the team!
Tired players are lazy and clumsy. How many times have you seen a team that sparkles for 50 minutes, then starts to commit handling errors and choose dull options? Good fitness can get you through the 80.
Leg speed (backs) and strength (forwards) can increase with run training.
August 13, 2007


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August 6, 2007


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Breach of any of the following 10 rules should be brought to the attention of the tourist accused of such breach by the communication of the title (shown below in Bold) of that rule to that tourist or recorded in writing.  Such notice or written record is not conclusive as to guilt but shall amount to an accusation and should also be recorded by those other tourists present.  Failure to record a valid accusation for whatever reason (valid meaning that on the balance of probabilities such tourist had broken a rule) is a breach of the rules and shall be know as giving a “Reach Around” – All written accusations must be submitted to the Tour Manager by Sunday 3pm. Judgment of the accused will take place at the Sunday Trial upon due process, punishment shall be delivered immediately thereafter.

1.“Dress” - The tour dress code shall be strictly followed at all Tour events with no exceptions.  Tour events include any activity engaged in from the earlier of the time on March 22 when tourists gather in Tokyo to travel to Manila or Noon on such date to 8am March 26.  For games, tour dress shall mean the tour playing kit for the players and substitutes for the game.   For all tourists at events other than games and for tourists who have not been picked for a game as a player or substitute, tour dress shall mean tour formal wear or, as applicable, tour special wear [tour special wear will be issued to you if applicable]
August 6, 2007

Team Defence

Contents 2.4 Team Defence The basic aim of defence is to prevent the opposition from scoring. A good defence actually does more than this – it […]