March 6, 2005

Gaijin Breach U.S. Defence

Tokyo Gaijin 71 US Navy 0

The United States is no longer a safe place to live.  The Tokyo Gaijin visited one of their foremost naval bases at Yokosuka on the seaboard of Tokyo, and they let Heats Devlin get inside.  Security has since been upgraded to red, and Jerry Brady has been questioned for un-American activities such as occasionally making sense and consorting with New Zealanders.

February 8, 2005

Gaijin Scratch Ichihara

Tokyo Gaijin 29 Ichihara Club 7

On a blustery, bone-chilling day at the neutral Idemitsu Oil ground, the Gaijin took some time to warm up in this deciding match for the Ichihara League title. Murray Clarke opted to play in tights, and was relegated to the bench, but those with naked legs at first struggled to find the incision and power needed to tack upwind.


January 3, 2005

Year end party

Dec 18th 2004, Gaijin 14 Doronco 0

Image     On December 18th on a lush, convex playing pitch (or was in convex? Or even concular?!) Tokyo Gaijin?s playing year drew to a close in spectacular fashion.  Doronco, a Tokyo cup second division team, promised to be stiff competition and a hard game was anticipated.

Strong starts have been conspicuously absent for the Gaijin in 2004, so It came as a surprise to many, especially the wheezing, heavily ?muscled? Gaijin pack, for the bulk of the opening twenty to be played in the Doronco 22.  Joffa Harris and Mauro Sauco saw plenty of ball and the athletic Heats Devlin provided plenty of support at openside.  Rucking and Mauling were both committed and efficient, therefore Blake Walker squeezed in his customary injury as play was halted leaving him with rolling eyes and a sore head.  Much the same as a visit from the beer monkey eh Blake?.

December 4, 2004

Gaijin late show too slick for Idemitsu

ImageFrom the Utopian surrounds of pastoral Ibaraki to the industry~heavy Chiba coast: such is the way of TGRFC.  Home for Idemitsu Oil is in the grounds of their refinery, not far from the arse-end of nowhere, and it was here on a sunny autumn morning that we managed to negotiate for 30 minute halves - much to the chagrin of the opposition who had taken one look at Mauro Sauco and Rob Reinebach and requested 20s.
Within 5 minutes, their fear was manifest when Blake Walker - purportedly the stockiest halfback in Japan - scampered away from the back of a scrum, telegraphed a dummy, and ran in 30 metres to score.  However, any suggestion of a cake-walk was dispelled over the remainder of the half as Gaijin made things difficult for themselves in the face of unthreatening but honest resistance.  To their credit, Idemitsu made the better running as Gaijin sat back and imperiously expected victory to come.  Yet despite a promising dart down the wing by Takeshi Takada, Gaijin were sluggish and heavily reliant on strong defence around the fringes (Harris, Reiniebach) and in midfield (Iwasaki, Conlon) to keep Idemitsu's increasingly confident charges at bay.
HT: 5-0