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The Tokyo Gaijin Girls was created in 2020 due the increasing numbers of ladies joining Tokyo Gaijin trainings. TG management decided to make an official ladies team and start working on developing team and individual skills by practicing just ladies with the support of the guys. Japan has a lack of ladies amateur teams which makes almost impossible for new players to start joining the greatness of rugby so TGG provides great opportunity for everyone who want to start playing rugby from 0 or for those ones whom already have some (or wide) experience.

Any level of rugby is welcome!

Contact form is the same for both, guys and girls, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Yokohama 7s

On January 8th some of the Tokyo Gaijin Girls played their second official tournament at Yokohama sevens combined with Setagaya ladies and Yamanashi Shines. Even though it was combined team, we communicated well, talked it out and made great win. Members from Tokyo Gaijin came to watch the game and supported us. They have games starting from next week, we would like to cheer up and support each other. Good luck and go hard!

Tokyo Gaijin Girls are looking for women who want to try rugby. Beginners are welcome. If you are interested, come and join us!

横浜セブンスに世田谷レディース、山梨SHINESと合同で参加しました! 合同チームでしたが、コミュニケーションをとって色々話し合いながら試合をし、勝利を収めることができました。 The Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Clubのメンバーも応援に来てくれました。 彼らも来週から試合が始まるので、お互いにサポートしていきたいと思います。 Tokyo Gaijin Girlsは一緒にラグビーを楽しんでくれる仲間を募集しています。 初心者も大歓迎です。 興味がある方はご連絡ください!

Ichihara 7s

Back on 14th November 2021 Tokyo Gaijin Girls participated on their first official tournament ever, Ichihara sevens. This is their message to all. First of all, we’re so grateful that we’re able to play rugby, and we found tasks that we have to improve on from the games we played, so that we will work them at training. Massive thanks to Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club that has been supporting since we established the team. Also staff, supporter, thank you very much. We, our team starts here. We are looking for mates playing rugby with us, enjoy rugby with us. Feel free to flick a message. Thank you.

市原セブンスに参加しました。 TokyoGaijinGirlsとしてやっと初めての試合をする事ができました。 まず、ラグビーができたことに感謝し、今回の試合で色々課題も見つかったので、これからまた練習していこうと思います。 設立当初からサポートし続けてくれたThe Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Clubのみんな、ありがとうございます。 私たちも彼らみたいなラグビーを愛するチームにしていきたいと思います。 大会関係者の方々、サポートしてくれた皆様、本当にありがとうございました! 私たちのチームはここから始まります。 一緒にラグビーをEnjoyできる仲間を募集しています。気軽にお問い合わせください。

Pictures by 鈴木薫 (Kaoru Suzuki) Thanks again for awesome photos!