Training at Futako-shinchi

Ladies and Gents, After couple of weekends busy with Shuto League games and our Annual Rugby Golf, we are back to training this coming Sunday. We […]

Shuto League Round 3: VS Crusaders @ Mizumoto

Ladies and Gentlemen, So here it is, game of the year!! We're playing Crusaders next weekend, at Mizumoto, Katsushika. It's a rival match and there is […]

Training at Yanokuchi

Ladies and Gents, After a tough game last Sunday is time to continue improving our skills. This Sunday we are having training at our beloved desert […]

Training @ Yanokuchi

Ladies and Gents, This coming Sunday we have training again at our home field Yanokuchi. Lets continue working to improve our skills and fitness. Place: Yanokuchi […]

Shuto round 4 vs Olivers

Ladies and gentlemen, It is time to face next Shuto League game. This time we are facing one of our oldest rivals, Olivers. To keep our […]

Friendly vs Mita & Superman joint

Ladies and gentlemen, Before we're on  Shuto final, we came up with another friendly: Mita club and Superman joint. This is not an official Shuto game […]

Shuto final: Kichijoji Wild Turkey

Lads and lasses, We're heading to the Shuto last match on November 23rd, the public holiday. The opponent is Kichijoji Wild Turkey, who got the Cru […]

Training at Yanokuchi

So after aggressively drinking the past 2 weekends, it's time to get rid of that alcohal belly before doing it all again next year. Just a […]

Training at Yanokuchi

Ladies and Gents, Happy New Year! To grind off the rust during these year end and New year we'll be training in Yanokuchi again this Sunday […]

Training at Yanokuchi

Ladies and gents, This coming Sunday we have trainin in Yanokuchi again. Katsushika League is around the corner and gathering good numbers this Sunday will help […]