The Tokyo Gaijin compete in various offshore tours in South East Asia every year.

SEA tours 22/23

After what felt like an eternity of COVID restrictions and PCR tests, the rugby community breathed a collective sigh of relief as the 22/23 SEA Tour unfolded, ushering in a new era of camaraderie and unforgettable experiences. As the 23/24 SEA Tour beckons, rugby enthusiasts eagerly anticipate new horizons, starting with the Bali 10's in October 2023, and promising adventures in Bangkok and Hanoi. Just keep in mind that anyone (current Tokyo Gaijin players, veterans or non-TG players) is welcome to join our tours. Please use the contact form to reach us and we will explain the details by e-mail. If you're still thinking about to joining our SEA tours, here are a few photos of our past adventures. (Top half: Bangkok 2023; Bottom Half: Saigon 2019)

SEA Tour 22/23

The 22/23 SEA Tour was more than just a rugby extravaganza; it was a celebration of the return to normalcy. Teams and players, starved of competitive action, seized the opportunity to reignite their passion for the game. No longer bound by COVID restrictions and PCR tests, the tour became a symbol of resilience and the enduring spirit of rugby.

The tour featured a series of exhilarating 10’s tournaments, with players showcasing their skills and teams competing fiercely. Among the highlights was the remarkable victory in the Bangkok 10’s, where one team proudly raised the Plate Winners’ trophy, a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

The 22/23 SEA Tour wasn’t just about rugby; it was about exploration and discovery. For the first time, teams ventured into uncharted territory, with Cambodia hosting its inaugural 10’s tournament. The tour also witnessed the historic Old Boys reunion at the Manila 10’s, a gathering of seasoned rugby veterans, reliving the glory days with both nostalgia and enthusiasm.

The 22/23 SEA Tour was a journey of rediscovery and rekindled passions, a testament to the rugby community’s resilience. Beyond the try lines and scrums, it was a celebration of friendship, competition, and the enduring love for the sport. As the 23/24 SEA Tour beckons, rugby enthusiasts are poised to create new memories, explore new horizons, and continue the rich tradition of camaraderie that defines the rugby community in the Southeast Asian region.

(Top Left clockwise: Bangkok 10’s; Cambodia 10’s; Manila 10’s)