September 27, 2007
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September 27, 2007
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Line Outs


3.2 Line-outs

Like a solid scrum, a good line-out gives a team an ideal platform from which to attack. In contrast, a line-out under pressure is unlikely to win quality possession or even any possession at all. Because line-outs have such a strong influence on which team has possession they are obviously a crucial area of the game.

The key elements to a good line-out are as follows:

3.2.1 The right personnel

As with scrummaging, the raw material you start with will largely determine the levels you will be able to achieve with your line-out. Again, teams need to be realistic about this when assessing how they will approach line-outs. If your forward pack contains better raw material than the forward packs you will be playing against then line-outs should form a key element of the team’s game-plan. In contrast, if your forward pack is realistically going to be facing opponents who are better physically equipped then you either need to try to find better raw material or acknowledge that your line-out aims should be more modest – focus on winning possession.

3.2.2 The right structure

Line-outs provide more opportunity for creativity than scrummaging. The formation and number of players in a scrum is not able to be varied. In contrast, the number of players in a line-out and the way they line up is completely the decision of the team with the ball. This provides an opportunity to tailor your team’s line-outs to suit your personnel. The standard formation involves all eight forwards involved in the line-out with jumping options in positions two, four, and six and lifters in positions one, three, five, and seven. However, options where you reduce the number of players are also popular. By reducing your line-out to your best line-out players you give these players more room to work in. Also, as the defending line-out is required to match the attacking line-out’s numbers you force the opposition to rethink their own structure.

3.2.3 Coordinated effort

Everyone needs to know the calls and their own role on each option.

3.1.4 Good technique

As a basic overview, player should be looking to adhere to the following technical points:

  1. Explosive movements (Jumpers / Lifters);

  2. Athletic posture (Jumpers / Lifters)

  3. Straight legs (Jumpers);

  4. Full extension (Lifters).

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