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Tokyo Gaijins Dominate FK SundayFields in a Gritty Winter Clash

On a crisp winter afternoon at Inagi Nagamine, the rugby pitch witnessed a no-holds-barred encounter as the Tokyo Gaijins faced off against FK SundayFields in a fiercely contested friendly—their first-ever meeting. From the kickoff, it was evident that this match was about to unfold with relentless intensity, and the players were ready to leave it all on the field.

Merely 30 seconds into the game, the tone was set as Hitoshi became the first casualty, pulling his hamstring. However, undeterred, the Gaijins pressed hard, only to face a setback when SundayFields capitalized on defensive errors, scoring an early try. The scoreboard read Gaijins 0-5.

But the setback fueled the Gaijins’ determination. Slowly building momentum and executing well-orchestrated phases, they responded with a try of their own, with Nagai crashing over. Gaijins 7-5. Despite SundayFields attempting to alleviate pressure through strategic kicks, the Gaijins seized control. A brilliant sequence off a Gaijin lineout saw Noa break through, setting up Nagai for another try. Gaijins 14-5.

The Gaijins’ handling error threatened to concede a try, but resilient defense forced a knock-on, leading to a counter-attack initiated from a line-out. Nagai, Lelio, and Sho combined for a stunning try. Gaijins 21-5. SundayFields, however, capitalized on Gaijins’ discipline lapse, scoring from their own lineout maul, concluding the first half at Gaijins 21-10.

Fresh legs injected new energy into the Gaijins, as Angus’s powerful run and Ron’s try marked the start of the second half. Gaijins 26-10. The forwards continued their dominance, scoring from a lineout maul, finished by Hana. Gaijins 31-10. Another turnover, this time by Ryo, set the stage for Angus’s first try for the Gaijins. Gaijins 36-10.

Persistent pressure from the Gaijins saw Noa chase down a loose ball, increasing the lead to Gaijins 43-10. Despite a momentary scare from an opposition interception, Gaijins recovered, and Noa, relentless as ever, sealed the deal with a try he started, bringing the final score to Gaijins 50-10.

In a dominant display, the Tokyo Gaijins showcased their prowess and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on this winter clash against FK SundayFields. The final whistle signaled not just a victory but a testament to the Gaijins’ relentless pursuit of success and their unwavering team spirit on the rugby field.

① Natsuhiko Kunitomo (JPN)
② Tomofumi Nasuno (JPN)
③ Hiroshi Fukasawa (JPN)
④ Ken Horikoshi (JPN)
⑤ “Donny” Tanaka (JPN)
⑥ Hanabusa Izawa (JPN)
⑦ Yuta Oba (JPN)
⑧ Mojee (FJI)


Taku Eguchi (JPN)
Lelio Brun (FRA)
Fumio Mino (JPN)
Ryo Fujii (JPN)
Angus Neilson (SCO)
Ron J. Guatlo (CAN/PHL)

⑨ Wataru Sato (JPN)
⑩ Daisuke Teraoka (JPN)
⑪ Hitoshi Chihara (JPN)
⑫ Yui Nagai (JPN)
⑬ Sho Takahashi (JPN)
⑭ Jack Buckley (JPN)
⑮ Noa Grasse (JPN/USA)

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