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December 19, 2007
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Of interest for 2007

Tokyo Gaijin With the transient nature of the Gaijin who come to these shores, business and family commitments, and the injury list, you need a squad with a lot of depth if you wish to function as a Rugby team here in Japan. Case in point; there were 60 players who represented the Gaijin over the course of 2007. A few had played for the TGRFC for a few years and left these shores for good, a few washed ashore near the end of the year and a few only played 1 or 2 games. I guess you could say that there was a core group of 20 players that were at games more often than not. For interests sake here is the list of players that donned the Tokyo Gaijin RFC rugby jersey in 2007.

Australia: Will Thompson, Joffa Harris, Shaunne Hughes, Heats Devlin, Lawrence Hii (5)

Argentina: Mauro Sauco (1)

Basque: Paulo de Berriozabal (1)

Canada: David Huffman, Jonathon Dean (2)

England: Rob Poulton, Mike Parks, Arthur Strang, Dan Salter, Alaister Nimmo, Niall Conlon, Andy Ballard, Steve Bull (8)

Fiji: Apisai Bati, Alfie Uluinayau, Alfie Baros, Enoki Suva (4)

France: Arnaud Fouche, Riki Pitter (2)

Ireland: Sean O`Donoghue (1)

Japan: Takayuki Kitajima, Hiroaki Kitahara, Takashi Narita, Toru Kanamori, Jesse Takahashi, So Nagashima, Hitoshi Chihara, Yoshihiro Okamoto, Yoichi Ohira, Jo Iwasaki, Tomoaki Miyazawa, Ken Kondo, Tomohiro Nakayama, Yoshihiro Sato, Jeff Takahashi, Go Ito (16)

New Zealand: Joe Fisher, Chris Fearon, Murray Clarke, Matt Downer (4)

Scotland: Garren ‘Gaz’ Dalrymple (1)

Norway: Christian (1)

Paraguay: Vicente (Vico) Martinez (1)

The USA: Tyler Rumsey, Rob Reinebach, Wade Dahlgren, John Gouldthorpe, Dana Post, Garrett Washington, Nick Morgans, Dave Kelver, Erin Hughes, Tucker McEwen, Jason McAffee, Lonnie Childress, Amir Hashemi (13)

This does not include Peter & Rob Harris (Australia) and Stuart Thompson, Nick Rudd and Steven Doggett (all England) who played for the Gaijin in the Manila 10`s. 

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