January 26, 2008
Around the traps Volume 2
February 3, 2008
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Rugby Rumors Vol. 2

Rugby Rumors Vol. 2

The Doomsday Book was commissioned in 1087 to record the name, land and possessions of every person living in England. Steve Bull's Shit List is of comparable length and scope.

The teams' charismatic South American has been working hard, helping his business expand in Asia.
Little Red Book, 1.3 Billion Used & New from 15

What Nostradamus who predicted that the 2 points lost on account of a missing kicking tee could win or lose Sunday's game?

Garrett and Bati are always impressed by the politeness of the older generation in Tokyo.

The Website Admin are delighted to be able to update the “Hong Kong Plate winners 1987” caption in the Achievements column on this site.

A team-wide coordination effort is in place to ensure that Murray is not in charge of the kit before important matches.

No appreciation of The Arts in Tokyo Gaijin?

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