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June 19, 2008
Tokyo Gaijin Vs Rokko East for First Division Spot
July 28, 2008
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Rugby Rumours Volume 3

 Rugby Rumours Volume 3

The team crosses its collective fingers for the safe delivery of a child to Mr and Mrs Iwasaki in the next few days. In a break from tradition, it will apparently be Jo’s turn to handle photography and medical supplies.

True-Love The Iwasaki's relax on a warm summer day together.

Still on the baby front…

Blake’s parents recently came by to see 3 month old Tomoki. However Mr Walker Senior’s originally delighted face soon clouded over upon observing his grandson’s poor ball handling.

Said baby is apparently sporting this summer’s “must have” apparel… see Mizue Sauco for details

In more Team News…

We won’t be seeing Mr. Sauco for a while, as work continues in China. He is behind on a shipment of 50,000 photocopies of Louis Vitton’s autobiography.

E./ has finally given up mucking around with computers to become a motivational speaker. Some of his fan club members credit him with semi-miraculous healing powers…

  • Garret Agression

With the right “home support” , Tatami reckons that he could bulk up to his previous fighting weight of 100kgs. Any friends / sisters around want to take one for the team?

A leaving party is planned after Sunday’s match for the double departure of Tucker McEwen and Garrett Washington. In a warning to people not planning on attending, GW wanted to make clear that “you are either with us or against us” , and advised against “mis-underestimating our resolve to party”.

Hitoshi has persuaded a former school-mate to come play with the Gaijin, on the promise that the sideline helpers are the best looking of all the Tokyo Cup. Must have seen Jessie in a different light than most of us then…

Speaking of supporters, two blond Gaijin helpers (one a registered medical ‘expert’) recently had the honour of being temporarily dismissed from the Tokyo Cup ground for boozing on the field at 11am!


Chris Fearon

  • The lady at the center of the England squad hotel-rape scandal used to be Chris Fearon’s Pilates teacher.

  • After a famous hit to destroy the knee of an opposition No. 9, Paulo expressed some regrets. It apparently took 4 days to remove all the cartilage from his teeth.
  • Conlon, Thompson and Sherpa Nimmo raised a Kings Ransom for charity by completing a 100km walk in May. Steve Bull gamely attempted the challenge, but had to pull a Captain Oates about half-way through. 
  • Kevin tackles at 110% to relieve the day to day stresses of driving a fork-lift.
  • Manager Harris recovered from 2 crushed vertebrae to manly struggle through Sunday’s training session only to suffer a relapse later in the day, about 5 minutes before washing-up time.

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