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January 24, 2011
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2011 Annual General Meeting


of the

2011 Annual General Meeting

of the

Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club


of the

2011 Annual General Meeting

of the

Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club

Date: 23rd January 2011

Location: Hobgoblin Bar, Shibuya

Chair: Alaister Nimmo

Minutes: Andy Ballard


1 Election of the 2011 Team Officials

1.1 Team Administrator for Tokyo Cup Competition (prev. Yoz Togo)

1.1.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Tomo is thanked for his efforts over the previous year..

Al Nimmo has offered to take on this role for the upcoming year.

He has asked for further assistance from members that can assist with duties and responsibilities linked to the position.

1.1.2 Outcome

Alaister Nimmo will take on the role.

Al Nimmo will receive assistance from Yamagen, with additional assistance from Ken Asakura.

1.2  Team Administrator for Shuto League Competition (prev. Yoz Togo.)

1.2.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Yamagen has offered to take on this role for the upcoming year.

1.2.2 Outcome

Yamagen will take onthe new role.

He will receive assistance from Andy Ballard and Ikuo initially and others when required.

1.3 Team Manager (prev. Joffa Harris)

1.3.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Joffa Harris is thanked for his work for the previous year and offers to continue in the same capacity.

Blake Walker is thanked for his work as assistant Manager and also offers to continue in the same capacity.

1.3.2 Outcome

Both parties will continue to function in the same manner as the 2010 season.

1.4 Overseas Tour Organiser (prev. Lonnie Childress)

1.4.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Lonnie Childress stands down from responsibilities with Overseas Tours, to cease at the end of the Manilla 2011 Tour.

Chris Lucas is absent and his further role in the organisation is unknown.

Points of Discussion :-

  • Difficulty in getting numbers for this years 2011 Manilla tour.
  • Difficulty in obtaining entrance to 2011 Manila Tournament.
  • Possible need to change the location for touring.

Henry Bird and Richard Bales both express interest in taking on this position.

1.4.2 Outcome

Henry Bird and Richard Bales are given dual responsibility in future tour organisation.

1.5 Team Captain (prev. Matt Downer and Tomo Togo)

1.5.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Nominations are Alaister Nimmo, Hitoshi Chihara and Richard O’Shea

Richard O’Shea asks not to be considered for the role.

1.5.2 Outcome

Al Nimmo is voted in to be the new Team captain for his second time.  His previous experience, attitude to the game, performance on the pitch and Bi-lingual capabilities were keys to his winning the captaincy.

1.6 Team Vice-Captain (prev. Tomo Togo and Hitoshi Chihara)

1.6.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Dave Kelver, Hitoshi Chihara, Andy Ballard and Richard O’Shea are all considered for the position.

1.6.2 Outcome

Richard O’Shea is voted as Vice Captain.  Keys to success are his on-field presence, calm demeanour and experience in rugby.

1.7 Sugadaira Tour Administrator (prev. Alaister Nimmo)

1.7.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Alaister is thanked for the organisation of the 2009 tour and nominated to continue in the role if no 0ne else wants to assume responsibility.

1.7.2 Outcome

Alaister Nimmo will continue the role.

1.8 Korean Seoul Survivors Exchange (prev. Aaron Nutsford)

1.8.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Aaron Nutsford puts forward himself to continue in the role of the event that he started the previous year.

Issues Discussed :-

  • Proposed Date of Saturday July 2nd for the tour.
  • Confirming the date for the tour.
  • Field requirements for the event.
  • Possible arrangements for Accommodation
  • Travel around the city.
  • Joining the Shuto Tens on the Sunday

1.8.2 Outcome

Aaron Nutsford with be the Event Leader.

He will receive referee and field assistance from Yamagen.

Richard Bales and Paulo Berriozabal will assist with the planning of the event.

1.9 Website Administration (prev. Erin Hughes, Mauro Sauco)

1.9.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Mauro offers assistance from abroad to continue with Website Administration.
Issues Discussed:-

  • continuing trouble with ease of use
  • photo uploading
  • the possible use of other social networking sites.
  • Article writing

1.9.2 Outcome

Mauro will continue to provide assistance when needed.

A Facebook page will be started with Admin given to several senior club members and a twitter site for simple updates will also be started.  Paulo Berriozabal, Yoz Togo, Blake Walker and Aaron Nutsford will be site administrators on this.

Further article writers Yoz Togo and Tristan put their names forward to assist.

1.10 Treasurer (prev. Blake Walker)

1.10.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Blake Walker was nominated to continue his role.

1.10.2 Outcome

Blake Walker will continue in this role

2 Matters Arising

2.1 20th Anniversary

Discussion over what special events are planned for the TGRFC in their 20th year.

Events Discussed : –

  • A Party for all members young and old who have played for the Gaijin since they were formed.
  • Anniversary Jerseys
  • A possible Old Boys Match vs. an invitational team.

Andys Bar has already been discussed as the venue for an Old Boys night and he has already been approached by Aaron Nutsford to do such an event.  He seems open to the idea and future contact will be made with him in regards to a specific date.   Aaron Nutsford, Joffa Harris, and Blake Walker will discuss this date between them.

Sponsorship for jerseys is being considered, and we will approach Dave Thomas at Addidas in relation to this.

2.2 Treasury

11 members paid for the season on the night.

Thanks to current club membership, overall finances are stable.  There is still a large amount of savings in the bank with the balance being in good position for this time of year.

The worst situation is for people who have not paid fees to be playing in the Tokyo Cup. The Tokyo Cup costs around 400,000 Yen, so it is a very unjust situation.

The club also has a number of items that are available for purchase which have been previously paid for.

3 Attendance

Attendees (members):

Blake Walker, Richard O’shea, Paulo Berriozabal, Lonnie Childress, Yoshihiro Sato, Ikuo Fukuda, Yoz Togo, Matt Downer, Joffa Harris, Alaister Nimmo, Andy Ballard, Aaron Nutsford, Brian O’Brien, Yamagen, Henry Bird, Tomo Togo, Alan Haines, David Chan, Ken Asakura, Richard Bales, Alex Glover, Rob Poutlon, Yoshihiro Sato, Natsuhiko Kuritomo, Toshi Miyano, Tristan (?), Jeff Holland.


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