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2012 AGM


of the

2012 Annual General Meeting

of the

Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club


of the

2012 Annual General Meeting

of the

Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club

Date: 29th January 2012

Location: Hobgoblin Bar, Shibuya

Chair: Alaister Nimmo

Minutes: Joffa Harris


1 Election of the 2012 Team Officials

1.1 Team Administrator for Tokyo Cup Competition (prev. Alaister Nimmo)

1.1.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Al Nimmo expressed wishes to step down from the role he has had for the past few years but offered his help to whoever would take on the role.

1.1.2 Outcome

Natsu Kunitomo agreed to take the role. He will receive assistance from Yamagen, with additional assistance from Alaister. Richard O’Shea agreed to help Natsu with Player Insurance for the year. Natsu will attend the first Tokyo Cup Meeting on February 9th. Joffa Harris also offered to attend meetings if others were busy.

1.2  Team Administrator for Shuto League Competition (prev. Yamagen.)

1.2.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Yamagen has offered to continue to take on this role for the upcoming year but asked for assistance.

1.2.2 Outcome

Yamagen will continue with the new role with assistance from Natsu Kunitomo.


1.3 Team Manager (prev. Joffa Harris)

1.3.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Joffa Harris is thanked for his work for the previous year and offers to continue in the same capacity.

Blake Walker and Yamagen are thanked for their work as assistant Managers and also offer to continue in the same capacity.

1.3.2 Outcome

All parties will continue to function in the same manner as the 2011 season.


1.4 Overseas Tour Organiser (prev. Chris Lucas & Rick Bales)

1.4.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Chris Lucas is absent and his further role in the organisation is unknown.

Points of Discussion :-

  • Difficulty in getting numbers for this years 2012 Manilla tour.
  • Possible need to change the location for touring.

Richard Bales expressed interest in taking on this position and was offered help by Richard O’Shea.

1.4.2 Outcome

Richard Bales is given responsibility for future tour organisation, with assistance from Richard O’Shea.

1.5 Team Captain (prev. Alaister Nimmo)

1.5.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Nominations are Alaister Nimmo & Hitoshi Chihara.


1.5.2 Outcome

Al Nimmo is voted in to be the new Team captain for his second time.  His previous experience, attitude to the game, performance on the pitch and Bi-lingual capabilities were keys to his winning the captaincy.


1.6 Team Vice-Captain (prev. Richard O’Shea)

Richard O’Shea asks not to be considered for the role.

1.6.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Hitoshi Chihara & Shinichiro Nakayama are considered for the position.

1.6.2 Outcome

Shinichiro Nakayama is voted as Vice Captain.  Keys to his success are his on-field presence, calm demeanour and experience in rugby. Also, the desire for a forwards leader, with the Captain being a back, helped his cause.

1.7 Domestic Tour Administrator (prev. Alaister Nimmo with assistance from Yamagen & Ikuo Fukuda)

1.7.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Alaister is thanked for his work in previous Sugadira tours. Ikuo was also thanked for his work on the ill-fated Sugadaira & Numazu Tours (both victims of the 2011 earthquake).

1.7.2 Outcome

Alaister Nimmo will step down from this role and Ikuo Fukuda & Yamagen will continue with the role.

1.8 Korean Seoul Survivors Exchange (prev. Aaron Nutsford)

Not discussed as more correspondence needs to be taken with last year’s organizer, the recently departed Aaron Nutsford.

1.9 Website Administration (prev. Erin Hughes, Mauro Sauco)

1.9.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Mauro offers assistance from abroad to continue with Website Administration.
Issues Discussed: Article wrting. Blake Walker requested help for himself and Joffa Harris, who do the vast majority of articles.

1.9.2 Outcome

Yoz Togo & Alaister Nimmo offered to help writing articles.

1.10 Treasurer (prev. Blake Walker)

1.10.1 Discussion and Candidacy

Blake Walker was nominated to continue his role.

1.10.2 Outcome

Blake Walker will continue in this role

2 Matters Arising

2.1 Treasury

9 members paid for the season on the night.

Thanks to current club membership, overall finances are stable.  There is still a large amount of savings in the bank with the balance being in good position for this time of year.

The worst situation is for people who have not paid fees to be playing in the Tokyo Cup. The Tokyo Cup costs around 400,000 Yen, so it is a very unjust situation. It was requested that players pay, at the very least, for insurance before the Tokyo Cup.

The club also has a number of items that are available for purchase which have been previously paid for. T-shirts, towels & beer holders are available for purchase.

3 Attendance

Attendees :

Blake Walker, Richard O’shea,  Yoshihiro Sato, Ikuo Fukuda, Yoz Togo, Joffa Harris, Alaister Nimmo,  Yamagen, Richard Bales,  Nik Pavesic, Hitoshi Chihara, Natsuhiko Kunitomo, Toshi Miyano, Shinichiro Nakayama, Akio Yoneda, Mosese Rarasea, Apisai Bati, Sean Hannon, John Herger, Hitomi Kurosawa

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