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December 19, 2019
July 6, 2020
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Tokyo Gaijin in Post-Pandemic Recovery

Well 2020 has been a right kick up the arse. But the Tokyo Gaijin have weathered the viral storm, returning to the training paddock in late May.

The inherent boredom of two-month long stay-at-home requests, and long hours of getting well-acquaitned with the confines of our own homes, has been evident in the fantastic numbers turning up to training over the last four weeks.

The Gaijin men, a few new Gaijin women, starved of company and exercise throughout the spring, are making up for lost time in the post-state of emergency world: top-drawer training sessions featuring real intensity, scything backline moves, new on-field combinations, a return of the old guard, Chairman Tommy tripping over his own shoelaces mid-drop kick, games of touch, a dash of fitness, and followed as always by a few customary Sapporos or Blackrats by Yanokuchi Station in the belting Tokyo sunshine.

Next up is a training session and BBQ in Kawasaki on Sunday June 28 (weather permitted) — newbies, old boys, wives, kids, dogs, cats and the kitchen sink all welcome to join! Check in with the Facebook admin for more details.

Yet the BBQ is only the opening credits for the Gaijin’s lengthy and sake-fueled summer jamboree. Social events, matches, farewells, and the inaugural Tokyo Gaijin rugby golf (that’s a baztardized version of golf played with rugby balls) tournament in Tochigi on July 19 (TBC), are all littered throughout the schedule.

Get yourself involved. Go on you good thing!

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