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September 26, 2023
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Opening Act: Gaijins vs. All Jin Jan in Shuto League First Round

On a sweltering, windy September day, rugby fans gathered to witness the clash between the Gaijins and All Jin Jan (AJJ) in the Shuto League First Round. The match promised high-intensity rugby, and it certainly delivered. In a rollercoaster of a game, the Gaijins ultimately prevailed with a final score of 62-21, but not without moments of suspense and brilliance on both sides.

The game kicked off with an explosive start as the Gaijins swiftly scored a try in the opening minutes, showcasing beautiful ball movement from one end of the field to the other. Riku, with his finishing touch, gave the Gaijins an early 7-0 lead.

The Gaijins continued to press their advantage, with Nagai intercepting a pass that could have led to another try. However, AJJ managed to escape unscathed from the potential threat. Both teams had their opportunities, but errors in judgment and lapses in discipline prevented them from capitalizing fully.

Despite the Gaijins’ initial lead, AJJ demonstrated their resilience by scoring a try to level the score at 7-7. However, the Gaijins responded promptly, with Jun’s penalty forcing AJJ into a lineout maul that resulted in Hiroshi touching down, taking the score to 12-7 in favor of the Gaijins.

The Gaijins continued to dominate the game, with Hiroshi capitalizing on a loose ball to secure another try, extending their lead to 19-7. Fumio’s quick tap penalty set up Nagai for yet another try, putting the Gaijins comfortably ahead at 26-7.

Just when it seemed the Gaijins were running away with the game, AJJ managed to break through the defense and score, reducing the deficit to 26-14. AJJ applied relentless pressure, but the Gaijins were saved by the halftime whistle, maintaining their lead.

The Gaijins came out strong in the second half, pressuring AJJ into their own half, resulting in a try. With a line-out that saw the Gaijins playing through the backline, Fumio scored another try, increasing their lead to 31-14.

AJJ fought back, capitalizing on Gaijin’s discipline issues, and scored another try, making it 31-21. However, the Gaijins refused to relent.

The Gaijins piled on the points with relentless determination. Lelio scored a try after a brilliant run, and Travis followed suit straight from the kickoff. Horikoshi, Nagai, and Noa added their names to the list of try-scorers, sealing a resounding 62-21 victory for the Gaijins.

The game between the Gaijins and AJJ in the Shuto League First Round was a spectacle of rugby prowess, with moments of brilliance, lapses in discipline, and intense competition. Despite AJJ’s spirited effort, the Gaijins’ offensive firepower proved too much to handle, securing an impressive win to kickstart their season. While lessons can be learned from lapses in discipline and simple mistakes, the Gaijins’ relentless determination ultimately paved the way for their victory, setting the tone for an exciting season ahead.

① Tomohiro Setoguchi (JPN)
② Andrae Sarao (USA)
③ Jun Sing Lee (HKG)
④ Gorka Gerediaga (ESP)
⑤ Win Irham (IDN)
⑥ Lelio Brun (FRA)
⑦ Yuchi Mori (JPN)
⑧ Hiroshi Fukasawa (JPN)

Tomofumi Nasuno (JPN)
Natsuhiko Kunitomo (JPN)
“Donny” Tanaka (JPN)
Nabin Giri (NPL)
Ken Horikoshi (JPN)
Taku Eguchi (JPN)
Damien Naughton (IRE)
Wataru Sato (JPN)

⑨ Fumio Mino (JPN)
⑩ Daisuke Teraoka (JPN)
⑪ Noa Grasse (JPN/USA)
⑫ Yui Nagai (JPN)
⑬ Travis Drury (AUS)
⑭ Martin Dulhoste (FRA)
⑮ Riku Kaizaki (JPN)

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