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Epic Rugby Showdown: Tokyo Gaijins and Hozen Old Boys Go Head-to-Head

In the heart of Inagi, where the echoes of determination reverberate across the rugby field, a clash of two formidable forces unfolded as the Tokyo Gaijins went head-to-head with the Hozen Old Boys. As the teams took to the field, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air, promising an afternoon of riveting sportsmanship and bone-crushing tackles.

The game kicked off with Hozen’s aggressive start, instantly pressuring the Gaijins. A swift counter-attack orchestrated by Junny nearly led to a try, setting the stage for the fireworks that followed. Nagai, capitalizing on the mounting pressure, broke through the line and scored the first try, putting the Gaijins ahead at 7-0.

Undeterred, Hozen fought back, exploiting errors and lack of discipline from the Gaijins. Their efforts bore fruit as they clawed back with a try, narrowing the gap to 7-5.

The Gaijins, undaunted by Hozen’s resurgence, displayed remarkable tenacity. Exploiting Hozen’s mistakes, a quick tap from Kohei set the stage for Nikola’s try, extending the lead to 14-5. The Gaijins continued their onslaught, with Nikola adding another try after a brilliant sequence that showcased their prowess in both forward and back play.

Half-time Score: Gaijins 26-10 Hozen

As the second half commenced, Hozen injected renewed energy into their game. Seizing opportunities from Gaijins’ mistakes, they scored early, bringing the score to 26-15. However, the Gaijins stood resilient, defending their line against Hozen’s relentless attacks.

A perfectly timed counter-ruck turned the tide in Gaijins’ favor, leading to Nikola’s hat-trick try after a formidable display of forward dominance. The Gaijins continued their relentless pursuit, with Hiroshi adding to the tally after a fluid sequence of hands, making the score 36-15.

As both teams continued to battle fiercely for possession, the final whistle marked the end of an enthralling encounter. The Tokyo Gaijins emerged victorious, their cohesive play, strategic brilliance, and relentless determination making them the undisputed winners of the day.

Full-time Score: Tokyo Gaijins 36-15 Hozen

① Jun Sing Lee (HKG)
② Tomofumi Nasuno (JPN)
③ “Donny” Tanaka (JPN)
④ Taro Miyao (JPN)
⑤ Win Irham (IDN)
⑥ Nikola Pavesic (CRO)
⑦ Yuta Oba (JPN)
⑧ Hiroshi Fukasawa (JPN)

Natsuhiko Kunitomo (JPN)
Taku Eguchi (JPN)
Ryohei Shimada (JPN)
Jack Buckley (AUS)

⑨ Daisuke Teraoka (JPN)
⑩ Kouhei Mitsuhashi (JPN/PHL)
⑪ Martin Dulhoste (FRA)
⑫ Yui Nagai (JPN)
⑬ Yuchi Mori (JPN)
⑭ Wataru Sato (JPN)
⑮ Youhei Iwamizu (JPN)

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