Tokyo Gaijin’s 3peat Tambo @ Fukuchiyama, Kyoto
June 4, 2024
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Tokyo Gaijin Triumphs at Annual Rugby Golf Tournament

The Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club traded their traditional tackle bags and gum-shields for golf gloves and caps at their annual Rugby Golf tournament in May. This quirky competition, held in the picturesque town of Sakura, sees players tee-off with rugby balls, aiming for giant golf holes.

The invitational event welcomes men’s and women’s team members, along with friends, family, and anyone else seeking a unique sporting experience. The day kicked off with a lively bus ride to the course, with spirits high and hangovers fading as refreshments flowed freely.

Upon arrival, playing groups were allocated and a “warm-up” commenced. Having recovered rugby balls from the roof of the club house and apologized for drinking beers in front of paying course members, the tournament was ready to start. 

The moment of truth arrived. All players huddled at the first tee, a motley crew of rugby enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and anyone else who fancied giving it a go. Under the watchful gaze of their peers, [the first brave soul stepped up to take the opening kick]. Let’s just say gravity won the first round, as they promptly took a tumble, setting the precedent for the rest of the game.

As the afternoon sun beat down, teams fanned out across the course, each hole promising its own brand of drama and questionable technique. Of course, navigating the unique challenges of rugby golf is thirsty work. Thankfully, the Tokyo Gaijin organizers, ever the champions of safety and hydration (with an emphasis on the latter), had a secret weapon: the legendary “Thai cart-ladies” Tommy & Tommo! These tireless heroes (heroines?) cruised the course, dispensing tequila shots, beers, and chūhai with winks, smiles and unmatched efficiency, their efforts keeping everyone cool, competitive, and a touch more adventurous as the day wore on.

After a thrilling nine holes, players retreated to the onsen to unwind, soothe tired muscles, relive epic and embarrassing moments on the course, and recover from the pressure cooker that is the Gaijin annual tournament. 

This was followed by a legendary barbecue feast, with the team’s chefs truly outdoing themselves. Expertly prepared delicacies like prawns, beef tongue, and chicken fueled the post-game party, all washed down with a steady flow of unlimited free beverages because… well, rugby golf!

Under the warm glow of the setting Japanese spring sun, the victors were crowned:

  • Men’s Champion: Riku Kaizaki
  • Ladies’ Champion: Hannah Edward

With trophies claimed and spoils of victory distributed, the revelry continued on the return trip to Tokyo. Songs were sung out, drinks were drunk, and a touch of romance may have even blossomed (perfectly acceptable post-tournament behavior).

The 4th Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Golf Open:

 Once again a resounding success, cementing its place in the sporting calendar. 

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