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August 6, 2007
August 6, 2007
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Team Defence


2.4 Team Defence

The basic aim of defence is to prevent the opposition from scoring. A good defence actually does more than this – it puts the opposition under pressure and forces turnovers in possession. Like with attack, there are a number of defensive strategies that a team can employ on defence and there are no universal rules about how a successful defence should be conducted. However, there are some key principles which most successful attacking strategies adhere to:

2.4.1. Move forward in one line

Moving forward in one defensive line means that attackers can only look at the width between each defender when deciding where to attack. In contrast, moving forward in a staggered formations means that attackers can also look at the depth between each defended – a 3-D picture instead of a 2-D picture.

2.4.2. Keep good spacing

The space between each defender should mirror the space between each attacking player. This forces the attacking team to create their own space on the field. In contrast, if the defensive team’s spacing does not mirror that of the attacking team then the attacking team needs to only to exploit the discrepancies which are already there.

2.4.3. Communicate

Let your team-mates know where you are and which player you are covering.

2.4.4. Keep your eyes open

Constantly assess whether you are in the correct position.

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