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January 21, 2021
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The Gaijin Are Back in 2021 – Annual General Meeting

The Tokyo Gaijin are back to the training field in 2021, with their first session in the opening exchanges of January. Turnout was big, continuing the tradition of last year, which also included a few new faces.

The Gaijin eased their way back into the rugby groove while setting out some goals for the year ahead, which will once again (unless Covid-19 has something to say about it) feature three competitions: the Katsushika League, the Tokyo Cup, and the Shuto League. The Gaijin are hoping to retain their Katsushika trophy, are challenging at tier one in the Tokyo Cup, and are looking to right the wrongs of last season’s Shuto League.

On top of that, the schedule will be peppered with internal and (hopefully) external tours, the second Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Golf championship, and a host of other events both on and off the field.

Following training was the Annual General Meeting, where various roles were selected for the season ahead:

Captain: Tomohiro Setoguchi

VC: David McElhinney

Treasuer: Taku Eguchi

VT: Sandy Chung

Manager: Natsuhiko Kunitomo

AM: Win Irham/Sato-san

Social Sec: Yuta Oba, Donny, Hiroshi Fukasawa

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