May 18, 2006

‘Slow?’ ‘Fat?’ Voyage Round THIS.

Tokyo Cup 2nd Round - TGRFC 39 Voyagers 7


    Most of the team gathered at 10 am in the usual spot to summon taxis for the trip out to the field.  We say most, as for the 2nd week in a row we were still lacking that very important component in a team, the captain.  To our surprise, even though captain Al Nimmo is conversive in Japanese he cannot differentiate between the slowest train in the world, and one that gets there on time.  Possibly he was penning the reply to that very nasty email that fell into Gaijin hands. Unbeknownst to
the opposition, a mail they had formulated was mistakenly sent to one of our members.  This was promptly shared on our own mailing list, and all but provided the fuel we needed to kick-start our Tokyo Cup campaign again after a disappointing defeat in the first round.

May 16, 2006

Gaijin Whacked by Wakasugi

April 23rd – First round of Tokyo Cup - Wakasugi 24 TGRFC 10


      The Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club (TGRFC) gathered together at Kizoochi Field for their first round game of the Second Division of the Tokyo Cup. For the uninitiated, the Tokyo Cup is a 4 Division League, which is not even played in Tokyo, but further north in Saitama Prefecture. The competition is not cheap to enter and has always been a knockout competition in the past (and still is in the lower divisions) so if you lost the first game you rarely got value for your yen.

March 1, 2006

Tokyo Champions’ Cup – First Round

Dasewa (Toshima League) 27 Tokyo Gaijin (Shuto League) 40 


On 29th January, the Tokyo gaijin RFC gathered at Shinshibamata to play against Dasewa, the champions of the Toshima League. We were filling in for  the Tokyo Crusaders as champions of the Shuto League. The Crusaders had a lot of their players in Bangkok for the Bangkok 10`s and as runaway winners of the second division in our first year in the Shuto League, we had the blessing of the League's higher powers to take their place.


February 6, 2006

Gaijin At The Double

Ichihara RFC 12 Tokyo Gaijin 27



The Gaijin were confirmed as unbeaten Ichihara League Champions with this hard-fought win over the battling Ichihara Club from Chiba.  The Gaijin, on paper at least, had a good side out and the conditions were perfect on everyone's favourite concave pitch for some grandstand running rugby.  Instead, the first five minutes were notable for Mark Pearson murdering his opposite number at the pit-head of the set scrums.