February 6, 2006

YCAC Tens – Two Games Doesn’t Make a Tournament




The team gathered at Yamate in the Hilly suburbs of Yokohama for what was to be a day of celebration for the members of the Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club.  Unfortunately this had no reason to do with us winning a tournament, it was more in relation to the fact that Team YCAC didn?t.



December 16, 2005



The Tokyo Gaijin celebrated Christmas 2005 at Wolfgang Puck Express in Harajuku.

64 people attended to cap off a successful year where we won far more than we lost and some of those wins were by big margins (82 v 0 ?). It was good to see so many people getting into the theme with quite a few girls wearing "short" santa suits and Heats Devlin wearing a Bear suit (or something like that?). Shino Iwasaki looked gorgeous in her Kimono.

December 14, 2005

Shuto League champions

The after effects of the night before's xmas party were quite evident,as a bunch of sorry looking,hungover TGRFC players rolled up on a cold Sunday morning,at the Akigase ground for our last game of the year, against Bakunokai.
December 13, 2005

Barbarians Chew on Undercooked Gaijin

TGRFC 14 v Chiba Barbarians 12

27 November, 2005


The Tokyo Gaijin assembled out at Chiharadai for their 12:30 kickoff against the Chiba Barbarians looking a little short of game breakers. This was because they were missing quite a few regulars due to injuries, training for the Shuto Rep Squad, and work commitments. What was even worse was when everybody noticed who the ref was.