December 4, 2010

Gaijin come up trumps against Shinjuku’s Jacks.

Dateline: 28th November, 2010

It was far from a great spectacle, but the Gaijin were able to hold on to a first half lead despite putting 13 new guys on the field for the second half of the friendly game against Shinjuku Jacks.  The end score of 31-20 was appropriate with the Gaijin squandering several scoring opportunities, and a number of inexperienced players coming onto the field in the 2nd half, letting the Jacks back into the contest.  A number of frontline players were able to rest for the Shuto League Select trials that were to follow.

November 17, 2010

Tentoumushi ( Ladybirds): Pretty to watch, but lack bite.

Date: 14th of November

Although the Gaijin were guilty of playing a less attractive brand of rugby than they would like to, it was the most effective for the situation, and delivered them the victory they needed.  The bonus point 31-17 win they achieved at the hands of Tentoumushi at the picturesque rugby stadium at Inagi is enough to take them to equal top of the Shuto League table with All Jin Jan.  That game in early January against All Jin Jam will decide the location of the trophy for the year and will be sure to be a bruising encounter.

November 11, 2010

Around the Traps 7


* Gen Yamazaki & his wife Gyokurei became the proud parents of a baby boy, Yuji Yamazaki, on 26th August.

* Blake & Kyoko Walker welcomed a new daughter Riana Catherine Walker on the Friday 5th November.

*Dave Kelver and his wife Emi are expecting a new addition early next year, along with ex-Gaijin captain Joe Fischer and his wife HIroko later this year.

* A while ago now but Richard O'Shea & Hitomi Kurosawa annonced their engagement on May 29th. Good luck to the young lovebirds.

* The team has welcomed a few new players recently from countries not noted for their rugby nous, with Indonesian Annga Wirastomo, Sri Lankan Anjulo Silva, Spaniard Gorka Gerediaga and Italian Guiseppe Ingiglli joining German Simon Palm, who joined us earlier in the year. Other recent newcomers have been Henry Bird from New Zealand and Natsuhiko Kunitomo from Japan.

November 9, 2010

The Watermelon Men

Dateline: 7th November, 2010

Taking the field with one of the most diverse sides ever with representatives from Germany, Spain, the Basque country, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the Gaijin knew they were in for a tough affair againt Komaba Watermelon Men B's (KWMB). The squad is an Old Boy team affiliated with Todai University and have played together for a long time and they also train together all the time....something the Gaijin can only dream of.