May 5, 2007

Donkeys Kick Like Mules

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 First and foremost, we would like to say thank you to all of our supporters who came out and helped us for the game.  The weather was miserable and the ground was a mess, but without you we couldn’t have played in the mud. Now, on to the story.

Fired up by their recent success in the first round of the Tokyo Cup tournament, the TGRFC once again headed to Kizoochi Rugby Grounds in hopes of putting another victory under its belt.  While May 6 may have been a beautiful day in many parts of the world, with couples strolling leisurely through sunny parks and children playing in grassy knolls, this was not the case in the dreary outskirts of Tokyo.

 With a grey sky, continuous rain, and soup for a field, the conditions were perfect for two things: Spartans defending Thermopylae and stressed-out working men playing Rugby.  Throw a little bad blood between teams into the mixture and the stage was set for a classic TGRFC battle.  The boys were also hoping for a little revenge from last year’s narrow loss to the Donkeys. 

After a thorough dress check to ensure that no players had faded shorts and that their underwear was color coordinated, the Gaijin took the field ready to take on the Donkeys, the weather, and a thoroughly incompetent referee.

March 29, 2007

Annual General Meeting

18th March 2007, 15:00 start (15:50 actual start)

The Clubhouse, Shinjuku

First point of note was the rather disappointing and tardy turnout, but we hope this is due to the active schedules that many of the Gaijins have on weekends with charity events and missionary work and so on which prevented them voicing their opinion in this forum. The attendees were as follows:

March 29, 2007

Manila Tour Diary

Gaijin CoinOn the 24-25 March the Tokyo Gaijin were to participate in their third Manila Tens.
Having won the coveted Most Festive Team Award they were out to reclaim this and try to win some more silverware on the paddock. The squad had been decimated by last minute pullouts, losing four players in the three weeks beforehand due to work commitments or money problems. The eventual squad was:
1.Joffa Harris (Captain)
2.Stuart Thompson (Vice Captain)
3.Niall Conlon (Manager)
4.Jo Iwasaki
5.Peter Harris
6.Rob Harris
7.Lawrence Hii
8.Nick Rudd
9.Toru Kanamori
10.Mike Parks
11.Steven Doggett
12.Alaister Nimmo (injured tourist)
      The squad was also joined by two helpers, Medic and Girl Friday, Shino Iwasaki,   and another helper in the form of Terumi Nasu.

March 21, 2007


NARITA CONVENTION (hereinafter referred to as the “Convention”)

Gaijin CoinWhereas, eccentric and peculiar members of the Tokyo Gaijin Rugby Football Club (the “TGRFC”), a savage light shining from their eyes, shall, following prosaic yet secret manly practices, again throw themselves into games of blood and lust at the 2007 Manila Rugby 10s tournament;

Whereas, a dishonorable few, jealousy and malice in their hearts, souls rotted with sanctimonious piety and humbuggery, peas in their scrotums (if they have scrotums) and skid marks in their shorts, speak vile and malevolent stories of debauchery and excess to dishonor the proud, thrusting, eccentric and peculiar tourists;

Whereas, such malevolent stories have lead the worthless, weak and feeble-minded to question the honor and intentions of the tourists; and

Whereas, the honor and secret manly practices of the tour must be protected, from the creeping onslaught and crippling demagoguery of the sanctimonious and the worthless, weak and small;

Now, therefore, the TGRFC tourists of the 2007 Manila Tour hereby adopt the Convention also known as the protocols of the elders of Makati and/or alternatively known as the Wanchai Accord: