June 15, 2004


Rokko East RFC 25 Tokyo Gaijin 0

After the blow of last week?s Tokyo Cup final defeat, the Gaijin were determined to enjoy themselves in this end of tournament play-off. And with some rare sunshine burning off the bacteria from the otherwise swampy Kizooch field, there was a renewed appetite for the raw-boned thud of contact.

June 9, 2004



On behalf of the Tokyo Gaijin RFC players, I would like to take the time to extend a big 'Thank you' to all our supporters who give up their precious free time to help us out. I am very lucky to be in a position where we have too many supporters to mention you all by name, but perhaps special thanks should go to our tireless managers, Ayako Number 1 and Ayako Number 2 and our medic, Shino Iwasaki. The amount of work put in by you and others off the field makes our job as players so much easier on the field. Without your support, there would be no team. You are as much a part of our club as any player and I would like you all to know that you are valued as such. To finish with a quote from our resident scribe, Richard Beard, when it comes to our supporters, "We need you more than you need us!"

Joe Fisher.

June 7, 2004


Tokyo Gaijin 0 Donkey RFC 21

ImageThe Tokyo Gaijin?s brave charge at Tokyo Cup final glory came to an abrupt end on another rain-sodden day at the river-side Kizooch field. The semi-final, two weeks ago at the same mud-soaked venue, had left regular half-back Takashi Mutou with a dose of Weil?s disease. This sneaky bacteria, which kept Takashi out of the final, is secreted in the urine of rats, and there was clear evidence of rat?s urine on the pitch in the way the Gaijin played this game's first five minutes.

May 24, 2004


Tokyo Gaijin 17 NSC Rugger 10


As expected, the semi-final of the Tokyo Cup provided this season?s hardest outing yet. The increasingly familiar Kizooch venue had been drenched by a week of rain, and standing water punctuated the mud slicks at the river-end of the fields. Strangely enough, it was in this slippery hinterland that all the scoring of a titanic match was to take place.