November 3, 2007

Gaijin mount Fuji

Sample ImageFuji Club (with their friends and family), obviously not ready for the awe-inspiring whipping they were about to receive at the hands of the Gaijin, came prepared to give their best effort; unfortunately for them their best effort wasn't good enough, as the Tokyo Gaijin rolled for a 54-5 annihilation of yet another Shuto League opponent.

First blood was drawn by the Gaijin when, from a line-out, mauled five-meters with Chris Fearon going over for the try.  Matt Downer, proving the notion that it helps to have someone on the pitch that can actually kick, converted the try: score 7-0 to the Gaijin.

November 3, 2007


“I never played in a team which beat them and Ive never wanted to beat a team so badly!”-Shaunne Hughes celebrates the twice-yearly YCAC fixture with his twice-yearly sensible comment.

     Sundays match was, for those who hold historical fixtures more important than leagueDave Kelver line out jump. battles, one of the most important matches of the year. An enthusiastic squad turned out to Yamate station, holding hope that the unbeaten run would continue to include a victory against old rivals of the Yokohama Cricket and Athletic Club. Arriving well in time, there was plenty of time to practice drills whilst watching the All France play the YCAC Gents. As the Gaijin lumbered up, there was motivation boiling up through everyone, and confidence as well that this would finally be the team to topple the Yokohama side. At the kickoff, a sturdy catch and drive forward was rapidly halted by the large YCAC pack, indications of the forwards clashes to come. Eventually, after shipping out and being tackled only 10m out from our line a scrum was given to the YCAC. This went easily their way, and led to a good cross-discipline play, as their wide receiver played intercept for the quarterback, enabling to score a touchdown after only 3 minutes on the clock. In reality, the ref was so wrapped up in the American Football that he refused to recognise that blocking is not strictly legal, and awarded a try.

October 21, 2007

Rugby Rumors Vol 1

Rugby Rumors Vol 1 A brief selection of the topics covered after the game: It takes 15 ladies to “coax” Bati back to full fitness after […]
October 4, 2007


 The Tokyo Gaijin Versus The Gentle Giants (Sunday Setpember 30 - Shuto League, Yanokouchi, Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo Gaijin Versus The Gentle Giants (Sunday Setpember 30 - Shuto League, Yanokouchi, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Gaijin (TGRFC) has stormed to the top of the Shuto League ladder, securing a comprehensive 30v10 win over the Gentle Giants. While the contest between the Gaijin and the Giants was fought to the very end, the Gaijin always had the upper hand after establishing dominance over the Giants forward pack from the opening minutes.
The two teams gathered at Yanokuchi Field both surprised that the game was actually going ahead as it had been raining quite heavily all morning and was to continue all day. The field was covered in pools of water more suited to ‘Underwater Rugby’. The trouble is – nobody had brought their snorkel. It was the Gaijin Club`s turn at ‘Field Duty’ and chalking the field was a Mission Impossible within itself.
With regular Captain Alaister Nimmo, fill-in Captain Joe Fisher, Niall Conlon and Jo Iwasaki overseas for the wedding of ex-Gaijin Prop Mark Pearson in Slovenia, and Sean O`Donoghue, Joffa Harris, Andy Ballard, Loni Chidress and Mauro Sauco also out, one could be excused for thinking that the Gaijin would struggle. Murray Clarke took over the Captaincy for the day with improving standoff Yoichi Ohira at Vice Captain.