March 11, 2008


     Saturday March 8th, 2008, saw a small band of Gaijin head to Shibuya for the Shuto League closing ceremonies for the Super Bati12
2007 season (prolonged because of rained out games). There they were awarded the Shuto League Champions Cup and were privileged to have one their own named as Tournament MVP for 2007: APISAI  BATI.. This comes on top of winning the Tokyo Gaijin`s MVP award for the 2007 season.

    Apisai Bati, a Rishkul College product from Suva, Fiji, joined the Tokyo Gaijin club back in

March 6, 2008

A message from the New Captain


This is a lengthy tome, so I firstly apologize.
A quick thanks to all who attended the AGM. Let's have it be known
that Al has stepped down due to work commitments and he has done a
great job over the past couple of years.

Going forward, as Captain of TGRFC for '08 I am going to be leading
one of Tokyo's best teams in the game the play in heaven. Backed up
ably by Vice-Captain Matthew Downer and a leadership group that can
always be relied on, I am sure we have a great season ahead of us.
More than sure.
March 6, 2008

2008 AGM

2008 TGRFC AGMIn attendance: Joffa Harris, Lonnie Childress, Toru kanamori, Jesse Takahashi, Murray Clarke, Dan Salter, Steve Bull, Matt Downer, Paulo de Berriozabal, Niall Conlon, Lawrence Hii, Jerry Brady, Will Thompson, Erin Hughes, Andy Ballard, Rob Poulton, Jo Iwasaki, So Nagashima, Yoshihiro Sato, Shino Iwasaki, Kyoko Conlon, Lucie Ballard
March 6, 2008

Blackeyes and the Howler. The Second Round of The Champion`s League

Tokyo Gaijin The Tokyo Gaijin started the day at Ichikawa fields in typical fashion. Half the team was late. Though for a change, this was not in any way due to drinks the night before, late morning pillow talk or anything to be blamed on the players: it was because all of Tokyo was being battered and blown by some of the fiercest winds seen this side of Typhoon season. The majority of surface trains were suffering from stoppages as carriages ran the risk of coming off rails. Dan Salter and Lawrence Hii didn’t even make it to the ground as they were stuck on trains for over one hour. The Fijian connection of Semi Leiene and Saki Ratu turned up 5 minutes before kickoff.