July 1, 2013

Edogawa 7’s

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC entered two teams into their first attempt at winning the Edogawa 7's. For the first time ever the Gaijin decided to go with a 'Locals' team and an 'Aliens' team with all their Japanese players in the former and all the foreigners of the squad in the second team. With 16 teams competing they would be doubling their chances of silverware.

June 17, 2013

Gaijin win despite numerous handling errors

Dateline: 16th June, 2013

In a closely fought encounter at the lovely, grassy Tatsumi Field the Tokyo Gaijin RFC held on to beat a mixed team of players from various teams in and around Tokyo that we'll call the Tokyo Barbarians 48 v 46. The match was not pretty and littered with mistakes and some poor tackling at times, but there was a lot of running rugby on display and plenty of tries.

June 10, 2013

Gaijin win relegation game

Dateline: June 9, 2013

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were fighting to stay in the Tokyo Cup 1st Division when they all gathered at Misato to do battle with Shinjuku Jacks in a relegation/promotion match. (I have visions of Gareth Palmer in a tight black cat woman style suit right now belting out 'I will survive' - don't know why!) The Gaijin had been rather disappointing in the two previous Tokyo Cup games and were shellshocked by the last minute loss to Olivers RFC in the last round.

June 10, 2013

Bugs smashed again

Dateline: 12th May, 2013

Sometimes, just sometimes, the clouds clear, metophorically and literally, to create the perfect day where fun can be expected around every corner.  For me, the 12th of May was this day.