December 14, 2012

Gaijin finish 2012 with win against Rep Team

Dateline : 2nd December, 2012

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were honoured to finish their 2012 season with a game against a mixed team of  the best of the Shuto Legaue. The game was held to sort out the possibles and probables for the Shuto League representative team to play against the Tama Representative team for the 2012 New Zealand Ambassadors Cup; So the Gaijin were basically up against the best players of the 14 teams that make up the two divisions of the Shuo League (We'll call them the Shuto League for convenience in this article). Though there were no competition points like in the recently completed Shuto League, the Gaijin were keen for victory to show that they can even beat a 'Best of the Best' team, and also to push for their own selections in the rep team. The game was to be played in three 20 minute periods.

November 19, 2012

Improved second half gets Gaijin home

After a night of torrential rain the the Tokyo Gaijin RFC turned up at Yanokuchi Field to find a big pool of water in one half of the field. With their opposition, a composite team of Goddamns and Kichioji Wild Turkeys players (we'll call them Goddamn Wild Turkeys or Turkeys for short), they spent the next hour trying to drain the pool with spades, buckets and rakes to make it a little more playable. The Gaijin ended up beating their opposition 45 v 7 but not before a terrible first half of rugby in which they only led 10 v 0 at halftime.

November 13, 2012

Gaijin thrash Tentou Mushi

Dateline: 11th November, 2012

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC has finished their Shuto League commitments for 2012 with a comprehensive flogging of Tento Mushi to the tune of 63 v 0. The platform for the big win was set by the powerful Gaijin scrum which had their opposition pack going backwards all day, and excellent defense. Unfortunately the two bonus points was not enough to overtake Olivers RFC who went through the competition undefeated and gained enough bonus points to stay ahead of the Gaijin on the points table. This means the Gaijin will be giving up their title as Shuto League Champions, a title they have held for 4 years in a row, after coming a narrow second on the table.

October 29, 2012

Astroturf not good for Dandelions

Dateline: Sunday, 28th October, 2012

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC played their fourth round match of the 2012 Shuto League on an artificial turf pitch in Hodogaya, down Yokohama way. Their opposition was Dandelions RFC. Yes, that's right. Yet another strange name in that long list of strange names that is Japanese rugby. After their third round defeat to Olivers the TGRFC knew that they needed to win and win handsomely, if they wanted to have any chance of keeping their Shuto League title. In fact, a shutout and at least 4 tries were in order to gain two bonus points to make up the lost points from two weeks ago.