September 27, 2007

Line Outs

Contents 3.2 Line-outs Like a solid scrum, a good line-out gives a team an ideal platform from which to attack. In contrast, a line-out under pressure […]
September 27, 2007


Contents 3.1 Scrums A solid scrum gives a back-line an ideal platform from which to attack. In contrast, a scrum under pressure transfers this pressure to […]
September 27, 2007


Contents 2.2 Laws The Laws of rugby can be found in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese at the following site:
September 15, 2007

Gaijin Top Table

Tento-MoshiGaijin Top Table.
{Sunday 16th September, Shuto League ,Yanokouchi, Tokyo, Japan }
The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were looking forward to their rematch with Tento Mushi (Translation : Lady Bugs/ Lady Birds/ Lady Beetles – whatever tickles your fancy) after a very close match last year (17v12 to Tento Mushi). While Tento Mushi Club went on to win the competition the Gaijin lost a few games that perhaps they should have won, and ended up languishing near the bottom of the table. The match had originally been set down for Kizoochi Field way out in Saitama but with that field still under water from the recent Typhoon Number 9 that drenched Tokyo the week before, the game was cancelled. A day later it was back on at Yanokuchi Field – much closer to home for many guys.
With at last 6 regular starting members missing from the team, including Captain Alaister Nimmo, regular try-scorer Apisai Bati, and lineout legend Murray Clarke, there were some that doubted the teams’ ability to overcome Tento Mushi. However, with the depth the club has managed to build this year, the team still looked strong on paper. There were a few notable changes though. So Nagashima was coming back into the flanker position after 2 years out on the wing, and Toru Kanamori was switching to halfback from hooker, something he has only done on the Manila and Sugadaira tours. Yoichi Ohira was supposed to start at Flyhalf but didn`t make the designated meeting time due to the fact he was still in bed. In his defense, you should all know that it is difficult for Japanese Salary Men to get up before 11:00am on Sundays.