October 4, 2007


 The Tokyo Gaijin Versus The Gentle Giants (Sunday Setpember 30 - Shuto League, Yanokouchi, Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo Gaijin Versus The Gentle Giants (Sunday Setpember 30 - Shuto League, Yanokouchi, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Gaijin (TGRFC) has stormed to the top of the Shuto League ladder, securing a comprehensive 30v10 win over the Gentle Giants. While the contest between the Gaijin and the Giants was fought to the very end, the Gaijin always had the upper hand after establishing dominance over the Giants forward pack from the opening minutes.
The two teams gathered at Yanokuchi Field both surprised that the game was actually going ahead as it had been raining quite heavily all morning and was to continue all day. The field was covered in pools of water more suited to ‘Underwater Rugby’. The trouble is – nobody had brought their snorkel. It was the Gaijin Club`s turn at ‘Field Duty’ and chalking the field was a Mission Impossible within itself.
With regular Captain Alaister Nimmo, fill-in Captain Joe Fisher, Niall Conlon and Jo Iwasaki overseas for the wedding of ex-Gaijin Prop Mark Pearson in Slovenia, and Sean O`Donoghue, Joffa Harris, Andy Ballard, Loni Chidress and Mauro Sauco also out, one could be excused for thinking that the Gaijin would struggle. Murray Clarke took over the Captaincy for the day with improving standoff Yoichi Ohira at Vice Captain.

September 27, 2007

The New Coaches Corner!

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September 27, 2007

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September 27, 2007

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