March 7, 2009

Around the Traps, Vol 4

  • Jo Iwasaki injured his shoulder in a friendly against Akanegahama. Jo had an operation the following Wednesday to get a bolt put in his shoulder joint and have the ligaments between the collarbone and shoulder bones sown back together. When visited in hospital he had a little piece of bone in a small bottle that the doctor had found floating in his shoulder from a previous injury. Jo vaguely remembers having a sore shoulder for a while when he first started playing for the Gaijin 7 years ago. It looks like Shino will be doing baby duties by herself for a while. Jo remains upbeat though, aiming to be back in action at the Sugadaira 10`s in July.
  • In the same game big Argentinian Mauro Sauco broke a rib, Gaz Dalrymple injured ankle ligaments and Toru Kanamori chipped a tooth. It was fascinating watching Toru dig the chipped off part from his mouth guard after the match.
March 4, 2009


On Saturday the 28th of February, 2009 the TGRFC met for their Annual General   Meeting at the Black Lion in Meguro, to discuss ways to meet the oncoming year of rugby  and administration.  In order to discuss and analyse the all important functions of the team for the year, we would need to go through a rigorous process of re-hydration, voting, vouching for someones ability to do a job you don't want, sipping beer, discussing plays, drinking, talking about grand schemes for the team, tasting some more liquids and finish it up by making some promises of a new approach to the game that would not be recalled in the morning.   This was seen to be the best way to get an effective turn out at the meeting and is in no way related to the usual Japanese standard of attending important meetings drunk.

February 28, 2009

The Next Generation

Unfeasible fact but did anyone realize that in the past year there were 9 Gaijin babies “recruited” by members of the club? I remember when I […]
February 14, 2009

Gaijin Promoted to Tokyo Cup First Division 2009

PROMOTION TO FIRST DIVISION: Due to the surprise demotion of Superman Club from the 1st to the 4th Division (for fielding unregistered professional players), the Tokyo Gaijin have been promoted to take their place. As the runner-up finalist in the 2008 Second Division the Gaijin ran Rokko East Club hard in the promotion/relegation match until the final minute where Rokko East put the pressure on and pulled off a deserved try out wide. In 2009 the Gaijin will be looking to improve upon that performance on the backs of their senior players and an increasingly talented bench. And we know we can!