March 16, 2005

Letter from Joe Fisher


ImageAs most of you know, I'll be heading back to New Zealand on Monday and I just wanted to send everyone a message to say thank you for your company over the past 18 months.

March 16, 2005



2005 Manila 10?s Tour Report



During our flight to Manila (via Hong Kong) the Tokyo Gaijin RFC created a lot of attention by being fully dressed in the traditional touring style of zori (sandals), yukata (summer kimono), and chonmage (topknot). We also had our youngest member, Chris Lucas, in a Peka Chu jumpsuit!


We arrived at our hotel (The Citadel) in downtown Manila (P.Burgos Street - Manila's version of Roppongi Dori) at 2 a.m. and proceeded to immediately go out and engage in a 'meet and greet' session with the locals! It's fair to say they were even more impressed with our outfits than the Japanese were!!
March 6, 2005

Waikiki Beached by Gaijin

Tokyo Gaijin 29 Waikiki Banians 20



?The pitch is terrible, the build-up has been useless,? said captain Fisher minutes before kick-off, ?I?ve played fifty games with some of you, and this is my first game with others.  In other words, it?s a typical Gaijin game, so let?s get out there and win it.?


In his last game of XV?s for the club, Fisher was in combative mood, and he led from the front throughout this competitive and enjoyable match.  New opponents the Banians had the predictable Japanese virtues of organisation and speed, but in what was also Mike Taylor?s final outing, the Gaijin had all the passion.

March 6, 2005

Gaijin Breach U.S. Defence

Tokyo Gaijin 71 US Navy 0

The United States is no longer a safe place to live.  The Tokyo Gaijin visited one of their foremost naval bases at Yokosuka on the seaboard of Tokyo, and they let Heats Devlin get inside.  Security has since been upgraded to red, and Jerry Brady has been questioned for un-American activities such as occasionally making sense and consorting with New Zealanders.