December 8, 2005

Brave Gaijin Unzipped at Sevens

Ichihara League Sevens - 13th of November

Tokyo Gaijin RFC gathered at Yawatajuku out somewhere in the nether regions of Chiba to play against the best that the Ichihara League had to offer to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Ichihara Rugby Football Association. The Gaijin had gathered together a large squad considering it was only 7`s. There were four pools of three teams and the Gaijin were up against the Chiba Barbarians and the MC Club, both unknowns for the team so we didn`t know what to expect..

November 2, 2005

Gaijin Double Top After Koganai Hit The Bull

Koganei Green 5 Tokyo Gaijin 40


Sunday the 2nd of October was the Tokyo Gaijin Club`s turn to arrive at Akigase Field out near Urawa, Saitama, early ? in order to chalk the field. When T & T (Takeshi and Takashi) finally arrived with the chalk it was time to get a move on. The long grass on the side of the field next to the bush made chalking the sideline very difficult. Some parts had to be gone over a few times. In the end we ran out of chalk with no dead ball lines and only dashed quarter lines and ten metres lines. Good enough the Ref said and our opposition, Koganei Green, didn`t seem too concerned. So with 5 minutes to go the Chalk Gang was able to join the rest of the squad for a very quick warm-up.


October 20, 2005

Gaijin Put Mockers On Mokkos

Tokyo Gaijin 60 Mokkos 0



Mokkos - Could it really be?

The very thought of tattoed Maori Warriors made the blood boil in our veins, never mind the balmy 33 degrees Celcius temperatures that were to aid us in our warm up.  Whilst the opposition were not the tribal Zeus`s we were preparing for, they were mature-looking (old), experienced (past-it), enthusiasic (didn't stand a chance) and clearly a well-drilled (not so well-drilled) team.

October 7, 2005

All France, all gone.

All France, all gone.


By Chris Lucas


The Tokyo Gaijin entered the Shuto League in grand style by taking out the annual Shuto Sevens at their first attempt, however great that win was it certainly meant that great expectations were to be put on the club upon their entry into the main tournament.